Why do all watches show 10:10 timing?

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The one and the only reason is the Good Appearance! Nothing else!

You may have heard many reasons why the timing shown by all watches company is 10:00 only (Some set it to 10:09:36). Despite there competition against each other, they all agree on this! Why?

Wall Watch

Valid Reasons:

  • Visibility: Brand Name and other details are visible prominently. Also, the brand name looks nicely framed by hands. Hands are not overlapping each other and hence they are fully and clearly visible so their styling can be cherished. All other features like secondary dial are visible clearly.
  • Looks symmetry: When it’s 10:10, it looks symmetrical. Although it looks symmetrical when it is 8:20 too but smiling face is better than crying face!
  • Victory: When the time is 10:00, it forms the shape of V which symbolises victory. This may not be the valid reason!
  • Right Sign: Similar to V shape, few people say it as the right sign. This also may not be the valid reason!

Wrist Watch

Invalid Reasons:

  • Abraham Lincoln: Some people say¬†Abraham Lincoln died at that time but actually he died at¬†7:22 AM. So this is an invalid reason.
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Some people say it was attacked at this time so this is used in remembrance of all the victims. But the actual dropping was 9:15 AM. Also the 10:10 timing practice has been there from the 1920s. So this is an invalid reason.
  • First Watch: Few says the first watch was made at this time but there is no proof of that. This reason is also invalid!
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