UserVoice : PayUMoney 100% buyer protection is a total fraud. Think before you pay!

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As The Internet is growing faster day by day, the necessity of Online Payment is also growing day by day. To meet these needs several new Payment Provider is also coming up. Some of them are really good but some of them are as bad as bad.

To compete in the market, they are introducing a new highly required feature Buyer Protection. Only a few of them really have Buyer Protection but most of them just only show it on their website to attract the people, in other words, to fool the people!

There may have several cases arises but this one is the case with one of our reader. The culprit is PayUMoney!

As you can simply see from the below images Our Buyer Protection puts your mind to ease and ensures you get exactly what you want.

PayUMoney Buyer Protection
PayUMoney Buyer Protection description on their website as per 11/03/2016

But this is just to show. Once you will get into it, you will regret!

The reader reported that he had paid ₹ 1499 to a merchant to recharge his Railwire (A Internet Service Provider in India) account. Since that merchant was not the local operator for his account so he can’t recharge his account which he didn’t inform the reader when they had the telephonic conversation. After the payment was made to the merchant and the recharge was not done for the next 30 minutes then he tried to call that merchant. His call was not answered. So he complained this to Railwire Customer Service. Railwire customer care directed that merchant to refund the money back. So he refunded money back. But how much? Only ₹ 1399!

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Where is the remaining ₹ 100? He called merchant again and again but the merchant didn’t respond to call. So he contacted PayUMoney for support but they simply told to contact the merchant. He asked them for Buyer Protection, and they told simply “We can’t do anything. Contact the merchant“.

If merchant will refund the full money or settle the dispute arises then why to contact PayUMoney?? PayUMoney is contacted only when the dispute is not settling. But when contacted about the non-settling dispute they simply told, “We can’t do anything, Contact the merchant“, then what is the use of Buyer Protection? Just to fool the people??

So he asked PayUMoney to refund the current amount to his Bank account and delete his account!

This is what he got via email.


Again 100% Buyer Protection Notification!

Next time, If you are going to make payment through PayUMoney, think before you pay!!

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