UserVoice : Flipkart delivery sucks sometime or is this their strategy?

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This incident has been reported by one of our readers.

In the world of smartphone and internet there always arises the problem with the battery backup. Well, nowadays many companies are launching the smartphone with more battery power. But that also is not enough for some of us.

What comes in to save us from drained smartphone life is the Power Bank!

Many new power bank is coming these days having enough power to charge our smartphone for the whole day without interruption.

One among the top power bank now available in the Indian bank is the power bank from Huawei – Honor Powerbank 13000 mAh. Its price is listed around ₹ 1300 on almost all online stores.

To compete in the market, online stores keep giving offers and discount day by day.

This incident happened on Monday, 1st February 2016 when the price of that power bank was listed ₹ 649 on Flipkart. He ordered 2 at ₹ 1298 on Cash on Delivery. The ordered was expected to be delivered by 16 Feb 2016.


The item was shipped by the seller and on Feb 9, 2016, he got a message,  Your item … will be delivered today before 7 pm.

He didn’t get call from the delivery boy whole day. He waited for the second day still didn’t get any call from the delivery boy and then the later evening at around 9 pm when he checked his Flipkart account, he found it is still showing Our for delivery. He called Flipkart customer service and informed all this.

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Upon checking the details, the executive at Flipkart told: “The area is not feasible by Ekart Logistics…” !

Its strange while placing the order the area was feasible that’s why the order was placed. He again checked on Flipkart and found still the area was showing feasible. He called again to Flipkart customer service and they told the same thing The area is not feasible by Ekart Logistics!!

They told to book again as the item has been returned to the seller! He was getting the same product 2 in number at the same price and if he books it again then he will have to pay the same amount for only 1. So why should he book it again??

See what he wrote on Flipkart’s Facebook page


We can clearly read from the post that whatever he had written may be correct. And if so then it is surely not going to help Flipkart in any way! Now customers have several ways to raise their voice!

So was that an unexpected mistake from Flipkart or is this their strategy??

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