World’s largest aircraft Airlander 10 completes 1st test flight north of London

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The 302-foot-long aircraft, which is reportedly the world’s largest aircraft, took off from an airfield in central England on Wednesday. It can stay aloft for about five days in manned flights.

It flew from Cardington Airfield and landed half an hour later. The aircraft is 302 foot long which is 50 foot longer than the largest passenger jets. The aircraft doesn’t require a runway to takeoff, so it can land on water, ice or desert.

It’s a hybrid aircraft which is a mixture of Airplane technology, Airship technology and Helicopter technology and is nicknamed ‘flying bum’. It can reach 16000 feet, travel at 90 mph and stay aloft for more than 5 days.

The aircraft was originally developed for the US military but the programme was scrapped in 2013. Since then the aircraft company ‘Hybrid Air Vehicles’ a UK aviation firm sought to fund from individual donors and government agencies.

Cruising speed: 148 km/h (92 mph; 80 kn)
Endurance: 5 days manned
Service ceiling: 6,100 m (20,013 ft)
Loiter speed 20 knots (37 km/h)

Watch the video here

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