Viral : Know how to charge your mobile from lemons, Watch Video!

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You need a charger to charge your mobile daily. But when you have the charger but not power then what would you do? A video went viral on Social Media claimed to charge mobile from lemons. Means you can take lemons as an alternative to electricity!

In the video, it has been shown how to charge your mobile using lemons. According to the claim without power socket, you can charge the smartphone using just a lemon.

First of all, you have to cut the lemons in two halves. Then put your charger in both halves of lemon. Then connect your mobile to the wire. You will see that your phone is charging! The lemon electrolytic solution works. Actually, when your charger comes in contact with lemon your mobile starts getting necessary voltage for charging. Thus, you can charge the mobile without electricity!

Click here to watch the Video

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