Viral : #JusticeForSushant, Students Use Hashtag to Criticize School Policies After Amity Law Student Kills Himself

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#JusticeForSushant started trending on Facebook after Outraged students of Amity University take to social media.

India Today reported student protests Tuesday for Sushant Rohilla, a 3rd-year student who died Aug. 10 after he was allegedly debarred. Officials said the school had “no role” in his death.

According to a post by his uncle, Dinesh Rohilla, Sushant committed suicide because he was debarred from University semester examination and because of this he got a year back. He was not mentally prepared to survive this debar which he has mentioned in the email sent to the college officials.

A post by his sister, Mehak Rohilla

On 15th August, Rohilla’s friends tweeted about the event and then only the world got to know about the uncaring behaviour of the college.

While the college students demanded the resignation of the two faculties who they say were responsible for this, the college says there is no fault of Amity Law School Delhi in this tragic incident and expresses sadness.

As we rally against bullying by seniors in schools and colleges, no one speaks about the bullying done by school authorities. A serious action should be taken against those who are responsible for this and some law or some helpline should be formed to control obstinate of the colleges.

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