How to remotely access other computer from anywhere in the world – Part 1

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Many a time we need to connect to some remote computer in order to assist the remote user or to know the configuration of that computer or wanted to share our own computer with others for the same purpose.

There is much application available for Windows which do that remote connection job. Windows has its own built-in Remote Desktop Connection app but it is not easy to configure compared to the below-mentioned app.

In the following how-to, we will use the best and easy to configure app available in the world.

1. TeamViewer

2. Chrome Remote Desktop

Since we have used this so we are saying this. If you know any other app which is better or almost similar to them then please comment below. We also wanted to know and explore it!

Remote Connection Using TeamViewer on Windows

TeamViewer establishes incoming and outgoing remote connections for real-time support or access to other computers.

The advantage of TeamViewer over Chrome Remote Desktop is, it allow Chat, Audio and Video Call with the remote user.

Also, you can remotely control many of the supported mobiles using TeamViewer.

1. Download TeamViewer from here. Install it.

2. Open TeamViewer. You will see something like this


Share Mode

1. Give your ID and Password to the remote user to whom you are sharing your computer

Note: Password changes every time you open the app. Hence no need to worry about it!

Access Mode

1. Enter remote user ID in the partner ID field

2. Click Connect to partner

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3. Enter Password of the remote user. Click Log On


Once the session is finished, You will be greeted after the end of the session like this if you  played fair!


It has several more options like Unattended Access

Unattended means, you can access you computer even if no person is sitting in front of the remote computer. For that, you will have to create your account and assign the remote computer to your account.

Also, till you didn’t disconnect or the remote user didn’t disconnect, your connection will remain active.

It’s multiple ways supported. You can connect Computer > Computer | Computer > Mobile | Mobile > Computer | Mobile > Mobile

The second part of this how-to shows Remote Desktop Connection using Chrome Remote Desktop. Read the 2nd part here

Did we leave something? Comment your suggestion and problem below!

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