How to bulk remove members from Facebook group and delete the group

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Sometimes you want to delete a Facebook group but when you try to delete it you will not find an option for it in the menu or settings. You will only find an option to Archive it from the group menu.

This is because until there is any member in that group you won’t be able to delete it. This is what Facebook says on its help page.

You will have to remove all the members of the group first then while removing yourself from the group you will get the option to delete.

So if your group has 5000 members then you will have to remove them all and then you can delete the group. Unfortunately, there is no option from Facebook to remove bulk member from the group at once as of now.
This is what is said on the Facebook help community page

In this how-to, we will provide you with a script that will remove all the members from the group automatically so that you can delete it easily. This works on JavaScript HTML DOM.
If Facebook will change its layout then this will not work but it is working as of now (2020-01-18). In case if it is not working for you then please commend below and we will update the script.

  1. Open in Chrome the group that you want the member to remove from.
  2. Click on Members from the left side tab
  3. Scroll down to the last of the member page
  4. Right-click on the page and click Inspect Element. Or press F12 to open the Developer tools. Click on Console tab
  5. Go to this page and copy the code and paste it in the console and enter. It will show true. (This is required because we have used jQuery in our code)
  6. Go to this GitHub link and copy the code and paste it in the console but do not press enter. Remove the last line removeMemberFromGroup.stop(); Also, change line 2 var leaveNumberOfMember = 5; to the number of your choice. This number of the members on the top of the page will not be removed. Now press enter
  7. Sit down and relax. It will take some time to remove members from the group
  8. Remove the left members manually, in case of above example 5. Once you remove yourself you will get an option to leave and delete
  9. In case if you want to stop the removal in between then paste this removeMemberFromGroup.stop(); and press enter to stop
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We hope this will be helpful to you. In case if you do not understand, please watch this Video

If this code is not working, please comment below so that we can update the script with the latest working code

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