Eat 3 Paratha in an hour, get free food for lifetime!

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Everybody gets surprised after Looking at the 3 shop near Delhi bypass chowk. Why not surprised? These 3 shopkeepers make the largest parathas of the world about 2 feet in size. And to attract the customer they give strange offers, free food for life.

1. Tapasya Paratha Junction – Eat 3 paratha in 50 minutes, get free food for lifetime
2. Salasar Balaji Paratha House – Eat 3 paratha in an hour, get ₹11000 cash and free food for lifetime
3. Just Balaji Paratha House – Eat 3 paratha in 75 minutes, get ₹5100 cash and free food for lifetime


Diameter – 2 feet
Weight – 1200 gram
Cost – ₹150-350
Variety – 40

Director of Tapasya Paratha Junction says, he started making 2 feet parathas from 2008. People from countries come there to eat parathas. Previous year Ashwini completed the challenge and now getting free food from 1 year.

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